Companion Animal Behavioural Services

Because Everyone Needs A Little Help Sometimes

Terms and Conditions

        1. Committing to a behavioural consultation constitutes agreement to abide by these terms and conditions. You will be asked to give explicit written consent when confirming the booking that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions
        2. Data will be recorded and stored in line with GDPR requirements
        3. Companion Animal Behavioural Services will provide a qualified, fully insured behaviourist abiding by the code of conduct and ethics of the International Society of Animal Professionals. All advice is given in good faith and in confidence, notwithstanding a defined need to share information with other relevant professionals as per Clause 8 below
        4. In booking a consultation and behavioural programme, you will be expected to take an active role in implementing all advice given in full
        5. A deposit of 50% of the consultation fee must be paid in advance of the agreed behavioural consultation date. The deposit covers the cost and time of travel and/or time spent in writing the report
        6. Full payment can be made when booking the consultation and any balance must be made at the consultation or immediately after. The balance of the payment covers the cost of implementing the behavioural programme and up to 6 e-mail enquiries for up to three months following the initial consultation. Queries will be answered as soon as possible after receipt: an on-call service is not provided. For the purposes of this clause, an enquiry is defined as a unique request regarding a single aspect of the behavioural programme and may include various communications in regard to that aspect. Each enquiry will be designated with an identifying number
        7. Additional consultation via e-mail or in person will be quoted and invoiced separately and must be paid for in full in advance
        8. Full payment for private and group classes must be made in advance. Group classes are payable in 6 week sessions and are non-refundable once one class has been undertaken. Group classes are non-transferable (ie group classes cannot be exchanged for private tuition).
        9. All payments must have been received and cleared in the specified account before the consultation will take place or behavioural programme be instigated or before additional communications as per Clause 6 above
        10. The report and behavioural programme outline will be shared with your veterinary surgeon and any other relevant parties who may be consulted by the behaviourist at any point during contractual period (normally three months after the initial consultation date). You will be informed of any other parties being allowed access to the information. You have the right to withhold or withdraw consent; however, this may result in termination of the behavioural programme if, in the opinion of the behaviourist, doing so would hinder the implementation of the programme and/or put an animal at risk. Refunds will not be made if these circumstances pertain
        11. Consultations can be cancelled at any point but, if cancelled with fewer than 10 days’ notice before the initial consultation, an administration fee of £30 will be deducted from the deposit. If cancelled following the initial consultation, the fee for any part of the process that has proceeded will be forfeited in its entirety unless circumstances as outlined in Clause 10 below pertain. If a report has been written but the behavioural plan has not been implemented due to cancellation not under the terms as outlined in Clause 10 below, Companion Animal Behavioural Services reserves the right to retain all or part of the fees paid to that date
        12. The postponing of an appointment with fewer than 10 days notice will result in the deposit being retained until another appointment is made. Should a new appointment not be made within one month of the original date of the consultation, the balance of the deposit will be returned once an administration fee of £30 has been deducted unless the circumstances are deemed, at the sole discretion of the behaviourist, to be exceptional (see below). The postponing of an appointment within 5 days of the planned visit will result in the deposit being forfeited unless the circumstances are considered to be exceptional. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to:
          Any illness in the companion animal that, in the opinion of a registered veterinary surgeon, would render the appointment redundant in the immediate term or permanently
          Death of the companion animal
          Illness or death of the owner or close bereavement.
          All such circumstances will be assessed on an individual basis.
          The postponing of an appointment with fewer than 3 days notice will attract an additional fee of £30 which will be added to any outstanding balance or invoiced separately if the consultation does not go ahead within one month of cancellation, unless exceptional circumstances are deemed to apply as above
        13. Should the behaviourist be required to cancel an appointment due to unavoidable circumstances, including but not limited to, illness or injury, bereavement, inability to travel caused by adverse weather conditions or other disruption to transport or similar, that is not deemed likely to last longer than one month, the deposit will be retained until a new appointment can be made, unless both parties agree to a longer retention period. In the event that either party is not able to re-schedule the appointment within one month of the original date or longer if agreed mutually, the deposit will be returned in full unless the cancellation is due to travel disruption where travel costs have already been incurred. In this case, the cost of travel only (not time incurred) will be deducted before the balance is returned
        14. The return of a deposit due to the inability of either party to re-schedule an appointment within one month of the original date will not negate any future ability to make a new appointment as long as Companion Animal Behavioural Services is still trading

        Companion Animal Behavioural Services aims to be open and honest at all stages of the relationship with clients and expects the same in return. In the unlikely event that a complaint arises, problems should first be addressed in writing (e-mail is acceptable) to Companion Animal Behavioural Services outlining the nature of the complaint. Complaints will be acknowledged as soon as is practicable and all efforts be made to resolve problems as quickly as possible in a fair and honest manner.