Companion Animal Behavioural Services

Because Everyone Needs A Little Help Sometimes


I am always happy to provide references if you require. In the meantime, please feel free to read some testimonials from my clients.


Bert relaxed nervous dog“Charlotte is a skilled and knowledgeable trainer and behaviourist who has helped us to make impressive progress with our three-year-old rescue dog, Bert (we also have another dog who is now seven).

Bert had been displaying fear-aggressive behaviour towards humans, and he was also very nervous when near other dogs, thus making our daily walks quite stressful. After Charlotte’s guidance, not only do we have a more confident and relaxed dog, we are also more confident and relaxed when we are out with him, and dog walks are once again pleasurable.” RG and GC

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“Charlotte’s methods are based solely on positive reinforcement at all times, thereby leading the dog towards desirable behaviour without having to employ any form of disapproval. If you are willing to follow her advice, and put in the required time it takes to train any animal, Charlotte is willing to walk the extra mile for you. She isn’t a trainer who gives advice and then basically leaves you to it; her follow-up visits, e-mails, suggested articles and general reading list etc, are excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte.” MP


“Charlotte has been training (us and) our rescue puppy for a few months now and I have nothing but positive things to say. Our dog was very nervous and shy when we got her but has developed into a confident and well adjusted puppy. Highly recommend.” MW



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