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Media Services

Media ServicesLooking for a useful soundbite or something in a bit more depth?

It’s not surprising then that there are several hot topics that attract the interest of companion animal owners, nor that they are big business.

I can provide written content for printed publications and commentary for sound and visual media and assist with research.

As a qualified trained behaviourist and trainer, I can provide just what is required to pique your audiences’ interest from personal and professional experience. I spent more than 35 years working in television and film and nearly two decades writing as a freelance for a variety of general and specialist publications in addition to my academic work. I keep as up to date as possible on the myriad of changes that affect companion animals’ lives and established and run CReDO – the Campaign for Responsible Dog Ownership.

I can therefore bring unique skills and knowledge to help you get your point across, to stimulate lively debate or provide more depth to your research.

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