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R+ Dog Training

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R+ Dog Training

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R+ Dog Training uses non-aversive training methods backed by science and introduced by a qualified professional, certified to one of the highest standards in the world, the Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. Find out more by watching the video below:

All training is customised because we know that your dog is unique. Group classes are limited to 4 dogs per class and one adult handler per dog so that everyone can learn in a calm, quiet environment. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions to provide the solutions that you need to enable your dog to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Training helps your dog to fit in with your lifestyle and to maintain peak mental and physical fitness. We can help to make daily tasks such as grooming and cleaning your dog’s teeth easy and make visits to the vet as relaxed as possible. Train reliable recall, good manners and even train for an activity such as agility, tracking or showing.

Options to suit your needs and your budget.

Choose from:

One-to-one Training Individual training customised for your needs in and around your own home £90 per hour
Train While You Work Individual training for your dog in your own home or in arrangement with daycare while you work, with a regular “catch up” at your convenience £40 per half hour
Puppy Start Right Courses Become an R+ Dog Training Puppy Graduate
8 weekly sessions in a class with a maximum of 4 dogs per class or as one-to-one private training including house training, loose lead walking, good manners around people, toys and food and more and plenty of opportunities for practising in the real world
See details below
Training Basics Become an R+ Dog Training Alumnus
18 weekly classes with a maximum of 4 dogs per class and a workshop following every 6 classes for practising in the real world
See details below
Activity Training Become an R+ Dog Training Ambassador
18 weekly classes following on from the R+ Dog Training Alumnus course providing an introduction to a range of activities including field trials and gun dog work, scent work, agility, rally and showing. Also available as one-to-one training in the basics needed for specific sports or to refine existing technique
See details below
Special Training Individual training for specific needs such as Happy Grooming Visits, Happy Vet Visits, stress-free travelling and settling at the café etc. £90 per hour

Discounts are available for block bookings and for booking a follow-on course. Please read the terms and conditions before you book.

More About R+ Dog Training Classes

Private one-to-one tuition and group classes are arranged flexibly for between 2 and 4 dogs at a mutually convenient time and day. Proof of up to date vaccinations and flea/tick prevention will be required in advance. Please make sure that you can commit to all of the lessons if you are booking a group course. All courses include work outdoors so that you can practice in “real world” situations and at least one handout will be e-mailed every week to support your learning.

Puppy Start Right Courses
Puppy Start Right Courses are the ideal way to get your puppy off to the best possible start in life. Both courses include 8 weekly lessons where you will learn how to provide everything you need for your new dog and where your puppy can begin to learn in a safe, fun way. Lessons are supplemented by easy to understand information including puppy development, social behaviour and communication, puppy health and problem prevention and solutions. You will receive a free Welcome Pack and a “Puppy Passport” that you can complete to get your Graduation Gift. Find out more…

Puppy Start Right 1: 7 weekly, consecutive, one-to-one lessons + 1 workshop, regular handouts and e-mail support.
Puppy Start Right 2: 7 weekly, consecutive, group lessons + 1 workshop, regular handouts and e-mail support.

R+ Dog Training Alumnus and Ambassador Courses

Other courses are undertaken in 6 weekly blocks with an outdoor workshop at the end of each block. It takes a total of 18 weekly lessons to cover the training and activity basics. The R+ Dog Training Alumnus Course can be started from scratch or as a follow-on to a Puppy Start Right course. The R+ Dog Training Ambassador Course is a follow-on for graduates of the Alumnus Course. Courses can be purchased at one of three levels:

Bronze Level: 6 consecutive weekly lessons + 1 workshop, regular handouts and e-mail support.
One-to-one: £540 inclusive
Group: £180 + £15 for 1 workshop.

Lessons 1-6 include walking on a loose lead, polite greetings, basic recall and learning to settle.
Workshop 1: walking on a loose lead outdoors.

Silver Level: 12 consecutive weekly lessons with a discount of £5 on each workshop, regular handouts and e-mail support.
One-to-one: £1,026 inclusive with 5% discount
Group: £360 + £20 for 2 workshops.

Lessons 1-6 as above. Lessons 7 – 12 build on the first 6 weeks and begin to include working with distractions, building duration and working at a distance.
Workshop 1 as above + Workshop 2: Working on exercises outdoors.

Gold Level: 18 consecutive weekly lessons with one free workshop.
One-to-one: £1,458 inclusive with 10% discount
£540 + £30 for 3 workshops, regular handouts and e-mail support.

Lessons 1-12 as above. Lessons 13-18 consolidate the learning from the first 12 weeks and include how to make your training foolproof.
Workshops 1 and 2 as above + Workshop 3: Working on exercises in different locations.

Please make sure that you can commit to all consecutive lessons in a package before you book. The Induction and courses must be paid for in advance and refunds are not made for absence. Full terms and conditions are available here.

You will receive written material every week to support your training and advice by e-mail or telephone is provided whenever possible.

You should plan to for up to three five minute sessions of dedicated training per day outside of class by the end of the first six week block. The more chance your dog has to be rewarded for desired behaviour, the faster you will both learn.

Learning new things can be challenging for you and your dog at first but, time and effort will soon be rewarded with a happy, confident dog that you can take anywhere.

Contact R+ Dog Training now to guarantee your place.

Covid-19 Safety

All tuition is undertaken within current government guidelines with regard to Covid-19 in order to be as safe as possible. It may be necessary to make amendments to a course if additional restrictions become obligatory, but R+ Dog Training intends to continue to provide high quality, flexible tuition and support so that you can have a happy, well-adjusted dog.