Companion Animal Behavioural Services

Because Everyone Needs A Little Help Sometimes

Happy Grooming For Your Dog

Dog happy being groomed

Regular grooming is essential to your dogs comfort, health and well being. Whether you choose to groom your dog yourself or get help from a professional groomer, you want your dog to be happy and relaxed throughout the process.

We can help your dog to be comfortable being washed

We can help your dog to be happy with grooming

We can help your dog to be happy with nail clipping

We can help your dog to be comfortable with coat clipping and stripping.

Once your dog is comfortable with the process, we can provide support for your first visit to a professional groomer and can work with your groomer to ensure stress-free grooming.

We can also work with your dog if a groomer has had difficulty with any part of the process.

Contact us now for a stress-free grooming experience.

Covid-19 Safety

All tuition is undertaken within current government guidelines with regard to Covid-19 in order to be as safe as possible. It may be necessary to make amendments to a course if additional restrictions become obligatory, but R+ Dog Training intends to continue to provide high quality, flexible tuition and support so that you can have a happy, well-adjusted dog.