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Cat Training


Contrary to popular belief, training cats is not only possible but great fun for owner and cat. When done properly, it will strengthen your bond with your cat and make many routine things such as handling, grooming, trips to the vet and medicating much less stressful for you, your cat – and your vet!

I can help you to get started and provide you with a training plan for lifelong learning. An introductory video is available here.

You can also use training to prevent your cat from becoming bored and to settle into your routine: cats are naturally most active at dusk and dawn, in other words, when most owners want to be asleep or are just settling down after a hard day at work! Providing appropriate stimulation and interaction at times when you are able to focus fully on your cat means that indoor cats can replace some of the benefits of going outside whilst remaining safe and outdoor cats are more likely to want to spend more time indoors interacting with their owners.

Training solutions for cats include:

  • Happy Vet Visits: Teach your cat how to love being handled, have fun getting into and out of a carrier, be relaxed with travelling and enjoy the vet and more
  • Happy Grooming: Teach your cat how to love being groomed and handled (essential for long-haired cats and trips to the vet)
  • Teach your cat how to use a litter tray (but please note, not if you have a problem with inappropriate elimination which is a clinical or behavioural problem) or to transition to toiletting outdoors
  • Teach your cat how to use a cat flap
  • Teach your cat how to wear a harness and lead (useful if you live in an area where it is not safe for your cat to roam freely)
  • Teach your cat how to come when called
  • … and lots of fun things such as rolling over, giving a “high five”, retrieving an object and lying down etc on cue.

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Covid-19 Safety

All tuition is undertaken within current government guidelines with regard to Covid-19 in order to be as safe as possible. It may be necessary to make amendments to a course if additional restrictions become obligatory, but we intend to continue to provide high quality, flexible tuition and support so that you can have a happy, well-adjusted cat.